” Tests of business English do exist. Large testing organizations such as Cambridge ESOL (UK) and Educational Testing Service (USA) has produced a selection of business English tests (e.g. BULATS, BEC, TOEIC), claiming that they can be used within workplace to meet their needs.

But can they? These ‘business English’ skills tests appeal to a broad section of the working population world-wide as they are offered by large well-known and respected examinations and bodies and provide useful certification for entry into various workplaces… However, such large-scale tests have been found to be ineffective in meeting the particular business requirements for language measurement within the call centres.” -Dr. Jane Lockwood

In this research article, Dr. Jane Lockwood explores the role of different kinds of assessment developed by the BPO industry for recruitment, training and on the job appraisal and diagnostic purposes. You will aso learn:

  • What the business requirements are for language assesment in the call center
  • Some common problems that arise when using commercial products
  • How BUPLAS as an English language assessment was developed to meet the unique requirements of the call center industry

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