BUPLAS Operations

Targeted, measured success

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A Comprehensive Coaching Solution

BUPLAS Coaching


Use a coaching methodology designed to improve communication and target the root cause of communication breakdown.

BUPLAS into Quality Scorecard

Quality Scorecard

Use a redesigned scorecard that will allow you to meet business requirements and target KPI performance more accurately.


Assess what matters

Using the BUPLAS framework at operations ensures that you are measuring and developing the skills the agents really need to deliver the service that your customers expect. And because BUPLAS targets the root causes of communication breakdown, and not just the symptoms, performaanc improvement is sustainable for the future.

Customize targets to your processes

Benchmarking allows you to select the right target skill levels for each of your processes.  The consistent yet flexible system lets you easily compare how one team or agent performs versus another, and allows you to direct resources where they are needed most.


Personalize learning pathways for faster progress

Developing communication skills requires support and practice, and you need to build coaching pathways that are as unique as your agents.  Choose how long agents are coached for, what areas to prioritize, the best approach for their learner profile, and mix-and-match coaching sessions that will work for them.  A starter bank of pathways is prepared for you, along with training for your coaches, so agents start performing better, faster.

Universally understandable measures across departments

Because BUPLAS works end-to-end, you ensure alignment and consistency across your organization. Recruitment can clearly understand the operational job requirements and select the right applicants. Training can focus on improving the precise skills needed before agents move into operations. All of this ensures that from day 1, your people are in the right role with the right skills, ready to perform.


After 4 sessions of BUPLAS coaching, one firm saw a 30% decrease in AHT for new hires, and a 15% decrease for tenured agents


BUPLAS provides alignment and consistency when used across your organization

BUPLAS Recruitment


Identify the top performers and channel them to the right account

BUPLAS Training


Transform your people with tailored culture and communication training.

BUPLAS Operations


Exceed KPIs through targeted coaching & quality scorecards

QUARTO Analytics


Track & analyze performance across all departments with ease.


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