Train for Impact with a Tailored Culture & Communication Program

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Increase communication and cultural skills for readiness on Day 1

Leverage Future Perfect’s extensive expertise in cross-cultural workplace communication. We have developed courses for the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and South East Asia – built around the common core of BUPLAS, but tailored to the address the problems when communicating across cultures. By giving your people the knowledge, skills, exposure and motivation required, you can build the foundation for them to deliver outstanding customer service from day 1.


Bridge the gap between recruitment and operations

Your training course is customized to the agents’ skill profile at recruitment and addresses the gaps in the skills they need to be successful in operations. Generic courses may waste time and money by not fitting the learners’ needs or those of the business, leading to little impact and poor preparation for the role. Using the BUPALS framework end-to-end. allows training effectiveness to be measured and course content to be adapted to ensure success every time.


Be assured of quality and impact everytime

BUPLAS training programs are supported with valid, reliable and practical assessments and measures that will clearly indicate course impact.  You can follow trainee progress over time and receive performance reports that can be correlated to agent KPIs. As your employee or business needs change over time, so your training and assessments can be updated to ensure they remain relevant and effective.


Leverage expertise

Partnering with Future Perfect ensures you get a targeted and powerful curriculum ready to go. With 12 years of experience in the contact center industry, and many more years of training experience, we can help you focus on delivering impact, ensuring your trainees develop the skills they need, your business is successful and your customers receive the service they require.

Achieve successful customer interaction by training your people on skills around BUPLAS

  • Pronunciation

  • Grammar & Vocabulary

  • Discourse

  • Interactive

  • Solution Strategy

“We were able to achieve overall cohesion and learning impact with a course that is linked, fully updated and coherent.”

– Talent & Development Manager, Bangalore


BUPLAS provides alignment and consistency when used across your organization


Assess and identify top performers and place them in the right account.


Transform people with tailored culture and communication training.


Exceed KPIs through targeted coaching & quality scorecards.


Track and analyze performance across all departments with ease.


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