Exceed your organization’s performance goals with BUPLAS – the only end-to-end

communication solution for recruitment, training, and operations.

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The complete communication assessment and training solution for contact centers & multinationals.

Impactful alone. Transformational when used end-to-end.


Assess and identify top performers and place them in the right account.


Transform people with tailored culture and communication training.


Exceed KPIs through targeted coaching & quality scorecards.

QUARTO Analytics

Track and analyze performance across all departments with ease.

BUPLAS Recruitment

Streamline your recruitment process using research-based and business-proven communication tests.

BUPLAS Recruitment gives you the power to test applicants’ communication skills – across multiple languages and mediums – including voice, chat, and email.

BUPLAS Recruitment is correlated with KPIs, so you can be sure your new hires will be top performers.

With tailored account benchmarks, you can match candidates’ skills to the right job.

Connect with QUARTO, our online analytics tool, and you’ll gain powerful insights into your recruitment process and performance.

An unparalleled assessment process for your organization starts here.

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BUPLAS Training

Train your people on the skills that matter to your customers and organization.

BUPLAS Training enables you to deliver effective culture and communication training using our tailored curriculum.

Using the BUPLAS framework, and with extensive needs analysis, you can reduce the learning curve and provide employees with the skills they need to exceed KPI targets.

Sign up to our Train-the-Trainer workshops, to ensure your trainers are up-to-date with the latest training methodology.

Train for impact with BUPLAS.

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BUPLAS Operations

Exceed KPI targets by transforming people into top performers.

BUPLAS Operations gives you the tools to diagnose and address challenges affecting your organization’s KPIs.

Targeted coaching sessions help improve performance, attrition, and engagement through individualized skills development and learning pathways.

Integrating BUPLAS into your Quality scorecard ensures you measure what matters to your customers

Unleash performance with BUPLAS Operations.

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QUARTO Analytics

Track. Analyze. Improve.

 Get powerful end-to-end analysis in just one click. 

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Join the Fortune 500 companies who have discovered that the BUPLAS Ecosystem is:


Our framework is based on extensive research on applied linguistics, workplace communication, and KPI analysis.


Our team are experts in linguistics, and they share this expertise with our clients to ensure success every time.


We don’t make assumptions about your business. or offer off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we integrate our customized solutions into your business for maximum results.


BUPLAS is more comprehensive than other assessments and supports multiple languages. Test voice and non-voice skills accurately with our broad range of assessment tools.


BUPLAS works across your organization, ensuring alignment and consistency from recruitment, training, to operations.


We train your people to deliver our assessment, training and coaching solutions, so you don’t have to rely on external providers.


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