Measure and drive improvement in your KPIs

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Increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer complaints

The BUPLAS framework is closely correlated with what customers expect from companies – fast, efficient, knowledgeable service. By incorporating BUPLAS into your quality scorecard, you align it closely with customer KPIs such as CSat and NPS, as well as other performance measures including Average Handling Time, First Call Resolution, Sales Close Rates, and Collection Rates.


Drive performance, don’t just measure it

What you include in your scorecard has a huge impact on the performance of your people. If it focuses on process and policy, then agents will follow the guidelines closely, regardless if customers are happy or not. By incorporating BUPLAS into your scorecard you create positive washback – ensuring your employees focus on what your customers truly care about.


Increase efficiency

By adopting a standard scorecard approach, built around BUPLAS, scoring reliability and efficiency is improved in your Quality team. Fewer calibration sessions, less training for QA specialists transitioning to new accounts or LOBs, and greater alignment across the organization about what good performance looks like.


Better diagnostic information

Save time by ensuring that your scorecard isn’t solely a summative assessment, but actually diagnoses specific issues to be coached on. This creates a positive cycle, with the scorecard highlighting areas for development, coaches using that information for their coaching sessions, and consequently agents improving in the areas they need the most.


Avoid being prescriptive

Setting prescriptive rules for communication, for example ‘use open questions to establish purpose’, leads to agents that sound robotic, transactional and focused on meeting scorecard criteria instead of helping customers. Instead, focus on overarching goals, empowering agents to make the best decisions in the context, while still evaluating the issue you care about.

BUPLAS assesses the skills that matter to your customers and business

  • Pronunciation

  • Grammar & Vocabulary

  • Discourse

  • Interactive

  • Solution Strategy

After incorporating BUPLAS into their QA scorecard, one US insurance company saw a much greater correlation between their quality scores and customer satisfaction results.


BUPLAS provides alignment and consistency when used across your organization


Assess and identify top performers and place them in the right account.


Transform people with tailored culture and communication training.


Exceed KPIs through targeted coaching & quality scorecards.


Track and analyze performance across all departments with ease.


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