Virtual Voice Assessment

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The Virtual Voice Assessment is the first spoken skills assessment delivered in automated format and scored by calibrated expert human assessors.  This blended approach guarantees efficient, smooth, and secure testing while allowing you to assess for the range of specific communication skills benchmarked for your business.


  • Spontaneity. No need to wait for or coordinate with a live assessor.  Pre-recorded assessor interview questions enable candidates to take the assessment as soon as they log in.
  • Efficiency. No need to plot assessment schedules. The Virtual VA can be taken by an unlimited number of candidates at any time.
  • This can be taken onsite or remotely, anytime and anywhere*
  • The Virtual VA on the BUPLAS QUARTO online platform works across multiple browsers and devices.
  • Security. QUARTO has a built-in authenticity tool with security features which verifies the identity of the applicant and guards against cheating and breaches.
  • Validity and reliability. Scored by BUPLAS expert assessors and consistent with the assessment framework of the live Voice Assessment, the Auto VA is able to measure Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary, Discourse Skills, and Interactive Skills – all  4 domains of communication that are critical for successful performance in contact centers.

*with basic requirements of an online device with working audio and microphone


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